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Sen Woo Fang

Sen Woo Fang – Tea Grower – Hilo Tea Garden

Mr Fang was raised in China in the town of Ximin, Fujian province Yunshao County bordering Guangdong. In the mid 1940s when he was 19 he moved to Taiwan and worked in the import export business. In 1985 he then moved to Hawaii and with other family members collaborated in restaurant businesses and then established a commercial nursery growing various fruits trees and orchid plants.

In 2002 Mr. Fang started propagating tea plants using specific cultivars from Taiwan and seedlings from China, making selections to suite the area of East Hawaii Island. Mr Fang has collaborated with the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources by providing his tea garden for research to further the Hawaii tea industry. These findings and the establishment of unique place in origin have provided Mr. Fang with a Hawaii grown tea signature in character.

Although now retired from tea production, Mr. Fang inspired Tea Hawaii & Company to create Volcano Green tea. A second generation tea sprung forth from Mr. Fangs original Ola’a Green tea established earlier in Hawaii tea history.