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Volcano Green

Volcano Green

A pan fired green tea exotic in aroma and pure in flavor, that steeps into a pale golden green infusion.

$6.00 — $10.00

Home grown garden estate. Tea growers Chiu Leong and Eva Lee of Volcano Village at 4000′ elevation. Grown in the rainforest of Kilauea volcano under a canopy of native Ohia trees and Hapu’u ferns. This tea is a pan fired green tea that is exotic in aroma and pure in flavor. Steeped into a pale golden green infusion with a lingering fresh taste. East meets West in this refined green tea reminiscent of signature teas in China that inspire pioneering efforts influenced from elder tea farmer Sen Woo Fang.

Tea type:
Green tea
Cup equivalent:
6 grams serves up to 8 cups, 12 grams serves up to 16 cups
Suggested steeping:
3 grams infused at 140 degrees for 2 minutes. Infusions up to 4 times adding a minute more each time.